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After last week’s tale of woe, this week I’m sharing how I plan to take back control. Using my trusty bullet journal and a stencil from the wonderful Oops A Daisy*, I drew up a list of things to do to secure the shed. I think once this is done, I’ll feel better about moving forwards.

#1 A decent lock

The shed’s current lock is a padlock and hasp, which isn’t ideal. I did buy a key lock on Ebay some months ago, but despite following the measuring instructions to the letter, it didn’t fit. The replacement I plan on buying is from B&Q and made by Yale.

#2 An alarm

Costing less than £20 on Amazon, the alarm I’m after is again a Yale product, and is a simple motion sensor with keypad. It is battery powered, so I’ll have to keep a supply of AA batteries to hand, but it should do the job.

#3 New gate

Our current garden gate doesn’t close properly and, despite contacting the council about this on several occasions, remains a problem. I initially bought one on Ebay, but then found that B&M Bargains do them at half the price, so I cancelled my order. I’ll be going to B&Q for the hardware and hopefully doing this over the weekend.

#4 Security light

Again, this will be a motion activated device, more aimed at putting people off entering the garden. It’ll also light my way if I need to access the shed after dark.

So that’s my plan

How does it sound? Have I missed anything off?

*Non affliate link

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