The Shed

Plans for 2021

For The Shed

The Shed has been on hiatus since October time, or since the weather turned chilly. So my main plan for 2021 is to get it insulated. I’m debating pulling off the panels and replacing them with tongue-and-groove, with some kind of insulating material between the two walls. Given the lack of action, it has become something of a dumping ground, so I also need to get in and tidy it up.

In The Shed

I want to really get into sewing. My poor machine has sat mostly unused, which strikes me as a waste of money. As coronavirus is still very much a Thing, any lessons will have to be YouTube, though I might see what college courses open up if we actually get into Tier 2.

Gosh, I make myself laugh.

My other craft goal is to relearn drawing and painting. I was pretty good at a teen, but wasn’t allowed to study art as it doesn’t pay. Art has been sporadtic over the parenting years but now they’re all grown up and can look after themselves, I’m going to try and keep it up. I signed up to Sketch A Day as a way to encourage myself while being accountable. It’s very low-key, that said.

Out & About

I’ve signed up for the #walk1000miles challenge again. I was managing a slow but steady pace last year before lockdown happened. Having to cancel our anniversary holiday really disheartened me and I stopped logging walks. This year I’m planning on more solo outings so I’m not having to wait for conditions to be ideal for H.

I’d also love to visit the art galleries and museums dotted about Manchester, though that obviously has to wait for the time being. Theatre is another thing on hold until the virus is under control. Given the UK government’s terrible response, I’m not writing these goals in stone.

In The Kitchen

I am not going on a diet. I’m not doing Veganuary. I am, however, going to be cooking healthier dinners, and that might include vegetarian/vegan options if I can sneak them past the kids. My mantra for 2021 is “fit, not thin” because this is a) more attainable, b) more sustainable, and c) weight is a poor indicator of health anyway.

I managed to bag Jack Monroe’s Tin Can Cook for £3 at Aldi, as I’m going to be cooking healthy on a budget. Wish me flipping luck with that! But hopefully the book will help. I’m also eyeing Pinch of Nom’s Lighter… whatever it’s called – currently a tenner in Tesco. I need to flick through that and make sure it’s worth the money in terms of what I can cook.

And that’s a wrap. All the best for 2021!


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