The Shed Diaries

4th May, 2020 – History

In August 2018, my husband and I bought a shed. He’d already cleared a spot in the back garden and welded together a frame (the garden is on quite a slope, so regular shed bases were out.) The idea was to fill it with woodworking tools, and set up a business.

End of December 2018, my husband had a stroke.

He was in hospital for seven months, during which it became obvious our plans were a non-starter – being in a wheelchair, the shed was inaccessible to him. So it sat gathering dust and spiders.

Recently, Covid has been making things extra difficult. As H is in the high risk group, I’ve been stuck with necessary outings only. I needed somewhere to escape to, and my eyes fell on the shed. So my lockdown project is to repurpose the shed. Here’s how she looks right now:

5th May – Paint, roof felt & panels

Never one to sit on an idea, I’ve already made progress on the shed. I went to B&Q for wood paint and also found roof felt, which I’d been struggling to find on eBay.

Painting in hot tempertures was interesting – it was pretty much drying as I put it on! The roof felt was easier as I bought Andrew and one of his mates a crate of beer as payment to fit it. 😀

Back when we were looking at setting up a business, we got a quote for plywood to panel the inside, but that was way out of my price range. Thankfully, Facebook Marketplace came to the resue when I came across a guy selling cut down sheets. I’ve spent £80 on enough to do the floor and sides, but it’s too thick for the ceiling, so I bought plywood for that.

19th May – A Darker Shade of Blue

Two coats of Ronseal Cornflower, and the shed still looked too pale, so I went back to B&Q and bought a tub of Ronseal Bluebell. This definitely looks better. Almost TARDIS blue, hee!

While out and about, I wandered into B&M and happened across this cute heart-shaped lights. They were only a fiver, and look so sweet all lit up.

21st May – Flooring

Today I put down the carpet tiles, and it’s really starting to feel like home! I’d looked at several flooring options before finding the tiles in B&Q. At £25 for a box of ten, they represent good value, and I have several left over so if I have an accident and ruin one or two, I can easily replace the damaged ones.

25th May – Interior paint & fairylights

I am SO pleased with how the interior looks after a few coats of paint! Colour is Ronseal Garden Paint in Elderflower. It looks white here, but is in fact a pale yellow cream. It really brightens up the inside.

As do the fairylights. I bought a net off Amazon, and boy did I overestimate the size! There’s way too much of it, lol. I got a stapler from Aldi for all of £6 and it included U shaped staples which are perfect for fixing the net up. It’s hard work though, working above my head!

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