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Walk 1000 Miles: On the Linnyshaw Loopline

I signed up for the Walk 1000 Miles Challenge last year, but lost enthusiasum when the UK got put into lockdown – I had planned on getting several miles done on our anniversary holiday to Derbyshire, but that got cancelled.

Starting the challenge already in lockdown (more or less) meant I could plan around it. I downloaded an app called Footpath, which allows you to make your own walking routes. It also gives you the distance – very handy when you’re wanting to track miles.

One of the bridges on Ashton Fields

I’m fortunate enough to have some green land nearby. The old railway lines were taken up many years ago, and a series of walking/cycling tracks known as looplines were created. The Linnyshaw runs almost past our house and can be followed to Walkden or to the Four Fields. I did the latter with my daughter, and our mad pup Abby.

We then crossed the road to Aston Fields, which used to be a coal mine back in the day. There was a canal that took the coal away, which is respresented by a shallow stream and iron facsimilie locks.

The “locks” at Ashton Field, featuring Abby

We walked around the Fields and then headed home. All in, the route is 2.47 miles and will be my regular walk until travelling further is allowed.

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