Why I love crocheting

I taught myself to crochet in 2015. I had two copies of Your Knitting & Crochet magazine, one open on the pattern, the other on the how-to section. I made an elephant. It was imperfect and wonky, but I loved it. And I’d fallen in love with crochet.

Since then, I’ve made several projects and even designed a couple of my own. When Stylecraft brought out their Mystique yarn, I had an idea immediately and bought three balls from Black Sheep Wools. The resulting bag was chosen as one of their #CleverCrafters and was later published by Essential Crochet.

At the end of 2018, my husband had a stroke. He was in hospital for seven months. I had never learned to drive and commuted on the bus. 40 minutes there and back at first, then he was transferred to a rehab unit, which took almost two hours. As crochet is a portable craft, I would put in my earphones, listen to an audio book and crochet. I believe that ability saved my sanity.

My husband is now in a wheelchair. Our lifestyle has changed completely, and this hasn’t been helped by the Covid situation. As a full time carer, I need my sanity-saver more than ever. I love to make baby blankets, but I’m also designing again.

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