No One Cares About Your Plans

It’s talen me over a week to write this post. A week in which I’ve not done much. You remember my plans for this year? Well it turns out people don’t care about your plans. They don’t care about the months you spent building something you love. They don’t care how much you need that space.

Why steal yarn?

Somewhere between 11th and 12th January, a selfish little git broke into the shed. They took the sewing machine, plastic drawers full of craft projects, in progress blankets, and yarn.

A lot of what was taken will have no value to anyone else. I hadn’t left notes as to what the blanket projects are, so now someone has a pile of motifs and no idea how to complete them.

Worse, they made an absolute mess of the place. Everything was turned upside down and pulled out, and there’s mud all over my once lovely floor.

Sanctuary violated

I’m heartbroken. Shattered. I can’t stand to be inside the shed. I can barely stand to look at it. And I have no idea how to move forward.

My Mum says to give it time. I’m… not good at that. I hate feeling out of control (no doubt a left over from H’s extended stay in hospital.) I think I need to do something to reclaim my space, but have no idea what.

I am planning on buying a better lock and securing the door. There are also shed alarms and floodlights, and the garden gate needs to be better. Maybe I’ll make a list and work through it. Life’s always better with a list.

Have you ever been broken into?

I’m sure if you have, you share the same feeling of violation and loss of control. How did you get over it? I’d love to hear your advice!


  • Michelle

    I’m sorry to hear about your experience. Someone once tried to break into and steal my car – I got there just in time. They broke the lock and ignition and it was quite expensive to fix. Now I’m paranoid about parking anywhere with that car and I have implemented so many security measures – even putting a plastic snake in the car. It’s terrible.

    All the best, Michelle (

  • Jenny in Neverland

    I can definitely relate to hating feeling out of control. That’s something I’ve worked hard on for around a decade. But time definitely does heal and help. Sometimes it’s a long time but still. I’m sorry your shed got broken into. That really sucks. Some people have no morals, do they?

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