I’ve opened a shop!

It all began when a friend of mine posted a crocheted chemistry set on Facebook. I told her I could make them. After a quick discussion, she paid for the pattern and I bought yarn. I’d not made much amigurumi before, and I fell in love with how quickly the items made up.

After sending her the items, I scoured Ravelry for free patterns and found one for hearts. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, I thought they be a hit, so I made three. And then I launched my Folksy shop! I’m really loving making these quirky little things. I love adding eyes to normal objects and creating characters. The leek is a standard pattern – I worked out the best placement for eyes.

I’m hoping, as I can’t work outside the home due to caring for H, that my shop will be a nice little earner. I’m not expecting to buy a house on what I make, but it would be great to at least break even.

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