Bride to the Fiend Prince, Rebecca F. Kenney

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Blurb: When her father surrenders to an invading kingdom, Amarylla doesn’t realize she’s part of the treaty until it’s too late. Drugged to prevent resistance, she’s swept away to the dark, tortured kingdom of Terelaus, where she is forced to marry the Fiend Prince. When Amarylla holds a dagger to his throat on their wedding night, she and the Prince come to a tenuous arrangement of their own. But he may not be the greatest danger lurking in the Cursed Palace.

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Review: I follow Rebecca on Twitter, so when she mentioned this fantasy romance and its knife-to-the-throat meet cute, it was an instant buy. I am a die-hard Sylvie/Loki shipper, after all. 😀

Amarylla is more or less sold to neighbouring kingdom Terelaus, with her father begging her to discover. She’s furious and plans to kill her husband on their wedding night. However, she stays her hand when he admits that he was as unwilling. They pretend to consummate the marriage to fool his father, and so begins a slow, enemy-to-friends-to-lovers romance.

Eventually the Fiend Prince admits the source of his kingdom’s magic – and the high price it exacts. Worse, his father is more than happy to sacrifice his people to the magic, including his son. He wants Amarylla to provide heirs before the Fiend Prince succumbs.

Bride to the Fiend Prince is a spicy, romantic suspense set in a fantasy world that is dark and dangerous. Amarylla is a fabulous heroine. She takes no shit, but she has a good heart and once she knows the truth, fights for her husband and his blighted land.

Rating: ♥♥♥♥

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