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I love Freecycle! Not only can I get what you need for free, but by reusing items others no longer need, I’m saving those things from going to the tip. I get to do a little for the planet while I save a little money!

When I started vegetable gardening, Freecycle was a briliant source of things I needed. Like the lean-to tool shed (left in the picture above.) All this cost me was petrol to pick it up and some new screws. The growhouse on the right was also a Freecycle find, though that needed a new cover. That was £6 from Poundstretcher, and I’ve plans to reuse the broken cover as a cold frame, so nothing is going to waste.

Freecycle isn’t the only site I use – I also regularly hunt Facebook Marketplace for free or low-cost items. I’ve a good pile of pallets through here, which I’ll be using for all kinds of projects on the allotment, such as fencing and raised beds. And today I’ve picked up a pallet crate which will be a composter.

In short, Freecycle is a great resource for those on a low income and has the added benefit of keeping things out of the tip!

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