I have an allotment!

With the council allotment waiting list at 10 years plus, I took advice from the allotment group on Facebook and looked in more unusual places such as Gumtree and Marketplace. I found someone advertising on the latter and got in touch.

A week later (just when I’d given up!) the guy replied and we organised a visit. Now it’s not quite local – it’s a 20 minute drive in good traffic – but the site is nice. It’s next to a river, surrounded by countryside and once you’re working, you don’t really notice the motorway.

The photo is actually the second plot I took on. The first proved to be too unworkable without a mini digger, which isn’t something I can afford. I’m planning on continuing with sowing at home unless it’s crops which grow better sewn direct into the ground, such as potatoes and beetroot. This is because funds haven’t stretched to a greenhouse as yet. I’ve seen plenty of sheds on Freecycle and Marketplace, but unfortunately my van isn’t big enough. *sigh*

Still, I’ll get something sorted and in the meantime, there’s plenty to do, as you can see!

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